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A prison minister's guide to seeing captives set free
ethical poetics and exhorting commentary

Meet Will.

Welcome to Will’s Way with Words. If you appreciate poetry, or original commentary, with an ear for ethical responsibility this may be a site for you. My hope is to generate more mindful kindness, and if you find something you can relate with in the writing, please consider subscribing. You can count on weekly updates about prison ministry, new poems and tutorials on poetic processing, and timely, sometimes timeless, blogs about what it might mean to be a citizen of heaven. Excerpts from new book projects, free musical downloads of a soon to be released CD Bring to Glory, and a podcast are also in the works. Thank you for checking out and if you like it, tell a friend, or better yet, an enemy.


The Latest

Beautiful and so timely. Thank you for sharing with us. We bless you to continue to create masterpieces of the written word.
— Megan Cotton, Project Director

Go Inside.

Based on over ten years prison ministry experience at San Quentin, Pelican Bay, and other county correctional institutions: Jesus Inside, offers a step by step, practical, and inspiring examples for building relationships of eternal consequence with inmates through worship and fellowship.