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Jesus Inside

A prison minister's guide to seeing captives set free
ethical poetics and exhorting commentary

Based on over ten years prison ministry experience at San Quentin, Pelican Bay, and other county correctional institutions: Jesus Inside, offers a step by step, practical, and inspiring examples for building relationships of eternal consequence with inmates through worship and fellowship. 


Poems & Provocations

Usually  a page purposely left blank is not the most important aspect of a book, but the blank pages in Head Lines invert that premise by encouraging the reader’s written response as the completion, or complement, to each poem or essay in this 60 Day Guide Book Towards Personal Psalmistry. Will’s poems are as at home on a forest trail as they are in a prison yard, or a back road with the window down. Head Lines is the perfect pocket companion to explore wonder, or confront befuddlement, and would make an excellent addition to anyone’s spiritual library.