Jesus in Jeans

Jesus in jeans
isn't much of a stretch,
tool belt, thermos,
some decent boots.
He might shave for Sunday
sit in the back pew
of every church in the world
and smile at the preacher.

He's an everyday Saviour these days,
raising our spirits,
raising our sights.
Story is He overheard a cafe conversation,
"O halfway houses are a good idea,
but not on my street."

Jesus leaned in,
paid for the gentleman's coffee
and whispered, "According to My Father
the whole world's a halfway house.
Don't forget to tip
the waitress."

He's an everyday Saviour these days,
donating blood, again.
Every time we lift a finger to help
we're helped.

What would Jesus do without us ?

Truth is He couldn't stand it.
That's why He stands at the door...
ready to knock some sense of Him
into the heart of the world.
Will SchmitComment