Sky-Stomach of God

Today  the butterflies are flying scared
the butterflies fly scared today
in the belly of God.

Butterflies fly scared
in the sky-stomach of God,
blue powder, gold powder wings
torn like the ozone layer.

Among a ring of monarchs
a petition circulates,
billions of butterflies needed
to fly in formation
above Antarctica snow.

The crimson rose of Ceylon,
the windmill of Nepal,
spearwinged cattle heart of Venezuela,
Burma's jungle glory,
blue adonis of Latvia,
purple spotted swallowtail
the island butterfly of New Guinea,
Mexico's figure eight and the Grecian shoemaker,
the red lace wing Filipino
and the sky blue morpho of the Amazon,
Nicaragua's blue doctor,
the clipperhead of Vietnam,
Hong Kong dragontail,
the button jewel of Dublin
and the Berlin emperor.

Butterflies in a row,
a living thread
to sew
the atmospheric wound.

Will SchmitComment