Up Against the Call

"Our Father who..."
That's okay for you,
do you know who you're
talking to ?
Let's not quibble
about a man in the middle,
I am the me in
stiff neck hammer head
up against the Call.

Confess the mess. 
If it ain't broke
I'm not using it right,
talking 'bout my heart
it's supposed to be contrite.
Everything He's done for me
I'm taking it in stride,
little lower than the angels
but swelling up with pride.

Would I give a drink of water
to the least of these,
someone's son or daughter
could I heal their disease ?
do you care about that ?
don't scare me like that !

What's designed to connect us
been so blind it dissects us,
we all pretend we'd stand up to a tank
it's only on our knees
we have Someone to thank,
-the original Apostles took it to the bank
-but before the Holy Ghost 
-they're kissing up for rank.

He's the Big Brother man,
the care for each other Lamb,
look to the Lion and
join the race He won and ran.

Unchain the attitude,
show your wife some gratitude,
spare your kids the platitude.
A family's more than photos
ribboned in a box,
there's a key in the Blood we share
pouring through the locks.

Walk this mile in the sandals
we're unworthy to unlatch.
Remember He's the Fisherman
we're the daily catch.

"His Name art in Heaven"
is the game.
Will SchmitComment