Car Tune

It’s a fortunate family has a pie maker,
a pirate, or a lady who plays the radio.
Outdoor chairs never complain
of the weight of a meal and dry cherry leaves
Seems there’s always a few things to say about dogs,
The back of a book’ll break
if you treat it wrong.
You can’t see what you’re missing
in the absolute dark. The cathartic value action quotient
adds up to nine, just before it reaches ten.
If you could stay above it,
would it change?
Sometimes a chin is just a place to rest your head.
Our street has a wood, and a wouldn’t, house.
If you think you heard your cat cuss
chalk it up, or write it down.
A watch with no hands still waves goodbye.
The closest star can’t see you wink, 
goldfish however…
You can pride yourself,
I tried it.
It’s true, the blue in my eyes
can’t blow in your ear.
Ink runs across the page as fast as the blood
pumping behind it.
If nobody asks, the short answer
Is unbelievable.

Will SchmitComment