Be Flame Us

Happy as a dancing flame

kissing out bound sparks.

Meeting hearts know its a game

especially after dark.

Love is more than just a name

whispered for a lark,

Love cares for us, more than fame,

and always leaves a mark.

Like water to a thirsty child

blessings fill our cup.

Lions become meek and mild,

every step is up.

Compassion roams, as if wild,

playful as a pup.

The ocean roars, waves are riled,

unending and abrupt.


This is how we’re meant to be,

complimenting circuitry.

The missing part of you is me

just look inside and you will see.

The mystery’s underneath a shell

sleight of hand explained.

The heart’s the part we start to tell

when insight hits the brain.

Fresh water fills the deepest well

every time it rains.

Connection is the magic spell

Love speaks to solve our pain.


Will Schmit1 Comment