Road Site Assistance

I sight a wolf

guarding a roadkill deer

from the strange metal beast,

surprised there’s no fight for it.


Isn’t that just like us ?

It was an accident,

the sun got hotter,

the ice caps melted.


We didn’t watch where

we were going, and there was nature,

big doe eyes in the headlights,

our head, in the oily sand.


To the victor belongs the spoiled world.

The wolf tugs her trophy back to the forest,

the ravens wait mid tree,

a fawn, somewhere, trembles.


In a sunlit patch,

below the mayhem,

Trinity River daisies dance

in the wind, bees bob on the flowerheads.


The honey made here

will sweeten the world,

and the driver, warned,

will look both ways, like an animal.

Will SchmitComment