Got an Instant?

When it comes to InstaGram, and in this day and age I suppose it has to, I prefer to lead by other’s example. I do daydream of enticing my cracker jack crew of tech savvy stalwarts and protégés to help me craft a hip click of the phone presence, but as they say, the best plans of mice and men falter around the second cup of espresso. I do look at InstaGram daily, usually in the morning, sort’ve an alternative to flipping on the tv so I can feel like an American breakfast commercial. Truth be told, and yes I know that’s a novel idea, my bride has made recommendations that I follow certain accounts to keep my head above the swirling waters of social meddling.

Because self promotion is my ever increasing personal challenge as a ‘brand new author’ I’m seeking an alternative approach in today’s blog by passing along her favorites as possible sources of inspiration, good humor, and mindful kindness. Maybe you already receive these in your inbox, more likely you have a few dozen you’d like to suggest, either way what can it hurt to start a conversation? If all y’all were already in my Instagram loop I could just forward the links with that little paper airplane thingy in the upper corner, which is among my favorite icons of our modern world, but today’s exercise is more about pulling your attention than pushing your buttons.

So here are a few sites that help me raise my sight:

drop_the_stones Today’s post starts out with God, keep my anger from becoming meanness…you can see why it’s at the top of my feed, maybe someone you know would appreciate it, someone like that stranger staring out from the mirror when you wash your face.

expectationtherapy is another brilliant landing/launching spot with daily quotes to float your boat. “If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is “Thank You” it will be enough.” Meister Eckhart

scotthepainter is an illustrious illustrator of heart conditions. His every post is worth at least 1000 words, but I’ll leave that part up to you.

jayshetty gets 100,000 likes per minute and smiles a lot, I think the smiles came first!

charliemacksey is another sublime, superb illustrator who draws ‘live’ right before your eyes with mind blowing simplicity and complex emotional clarity.

Give ‘em a look, let me know what you think.. Short of sitting down for that third espresso it might be as close as we come to sharing the same space today, which is always a plus when it comes to sharing the same planet. Thank You. Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to buy my book, or a poster, and CD from the website. And when you do, post it on InstaGram!

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