Learning Curve Makes the World Go Round

“Please include a valid url to post your article”. My guess is this simple request doesn’t send the same shivers up your spine as it does mine. I’m getting closer to my break through, a little Googling, some help from my friends, and time alone in prayer and cursing has me right up to the edge of https://something or other.

The sage advice to take my writing seriously has led me to this leap of faith into the chasm of misunderstanding, misinterpretation, and generally missing the point of entry. If I can just crack this code of copy and paste the link to my articles and poems I could theoretically reach new readers at the other side of the click, view, and save the world. Or I could ask you to do it along side of me, sort of like the life support team in the rowboat pulling for the long distance swimmer in the midst of channeling English into meaningful content.

It’s summertime and the writing isn’t easy. Inspired writing takes as much time and effort as insipid writing. I’ll leave it to you to categorize my writing. My point is, after the writing comes the posting, the promo, the publishing, and the skills required for this aspect are the make or break between writing as an hobby or making a career. I’m making a break for it. I have books ‘in the marketplace’ I have readers on Twitter, Medium, and Linkedin and I have few clues as to what and when to do next. If God is in the details, then I am on a spiritual/digital journey to the center of my worth.

Writer and reader are not opposite sides of the coin. The connection of ideas, emotions, and insights we gain from engaging in print are personal, precious, and primary in forming our identity, our community, our world. I am very honored to be on your reading list. If you know more than one poet I look forward to earning a spot among your favorites. My hope is that something I write, something I say, will encourage you to write, or say, something from your perspective that will shed light on the edge of the diamond cut from the coal bits of our lives. Check out my new book Head Lines. (available at www.schmitbooks.com) There’s a space designed for you to write on facing every poem/essay. All I ask is that you improve on the blank page and keep me focused on doing the same.

Will SchmitComment