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Online Writing Mentoring

A coach prepares an athlete for competition, a mentor opens the process to passion, rather than performance. As your personal writing mentor I will underline, rather than undermine, your joy, your journey, and your Job-like patience. Writing is often perceived as a loner's platform, the ivory tower of solitary opinion seeking to influence the surrounding world. Borrowing my ears will help tune your voice. Having someone to write for is as important as having something to say. I look forward to helping you expand your world, one word at a time.

How Mentoring Works

Find Your Goals

Why do you write? Do you seek fame, fortune, or fun? Your next sentence may become the start of a new career, or the culmination of insights and experiences long held dear to your heart. Your purpose needs a plan and until you write it down it's all up in the air.

Submit Your Work

Send us three pages of your current project. Poems, short stories, articles, novels, blog ideas, journal entries, book reviews, memoirs or guided meditations will all be considered a sacred trust. No sexual content please, this is an all age friendly site.

Get Feedback

We will respond to your work with the intention of increasing clarity, creativity, and cohesion. Corrections may come of this as you see fit. Some proofreading and editing suggestions may be appropriate. The goal here is not to produce final versions as much as introduce intuitive instruction.

Live Your Dreams

Once upon a time you dreamed someone would hold a page you've written up in the light of day and tell you the world was a brighter place for your efforts. That day is today and it is up to you to say what tomorrow brings.

What Others Have Said

Let's Get Started

Please introduce yourself and your project. Nothing will be shared without your permission. We may want to feature your submissions from time to time if you agree with us that it is worthwhile and wonderful.

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