The secure test of hammocks

Never alone when we read,
always alone when we write.

Worst fear
is can't afford
a lessor one either.
A lesson is what prevents
a lessor one
from climbing the list.

I sin less in the kitchen
than other rooms,
the eye consumed
with small beads of air
in the honey.
The ghost of mama's spoons
whisk me away.

I have a minute
to pen a poem.
I have a pen,
just a minute,
it's a poem.

Early encompasing dark,
the Devil would say perpetual,
sunlight warmer through glass
and the grace to set ink
on a page, proves its not.

Time with,
time for,
all secondary queries to
Who is time from ?

A day of blue
sun baked
I've been drinking it all day
as He fills the cup.

What we did to someone here,
not even a footnote
to what He did to get us clear.

Will SchmitComment